The new Primary National Curriculum become law in September 2014.  This new curriculum sees a significant change to many aspects of the content, and level of challenge expected of the children.  The above video gives a brief overview of the content changes.


All children in Years 1 to 6 follow the national curriculum and learn the content as prescribed by the Department for Education. For further information please visit one of the following:

National Curriculum in England

Primary Curriculum KS1

Primary Curriculum KS2


The most significant change was the removal of National Curriculum levels across the board. Children are now assessed as to whether they have learnt the body of knowledge prescribed for their year.

We use an assessment system that shows how well a child is doing compared to their year group peers nationally, and what their next steps are in learning should be.


We use Star Assessment tests in reading and maths, and a supported teacher assessment model in writing.  This will involve the children sitting short computer adaptive tests in reading and maths, whenever the teacher feels they need assessment information to move learning forward, and periodic teacher assessment of pieces of writing.   We have also changed the way teachers mark books, in order to better inform children and parents as to whether they are on track to achieve the new national standards. 


Click on the pictures below for more information about how the individual subjects are taught at our school.

*Currently being updated Feb 2019