Year 1

Year 1 children are issued with a reading book which is matched to the phonics phase they are working at. School staff identify which phonics phase a child is working at through regular assessment and staff match the level of the reading book to the correct phase for the child.  Phonics phases go from phase 1 – phase 6.

Each reading book has a label on it such as 2b, 4c etc.  This label indicates the phonics phase the book is in (number) and the letter supports children in self-selecting books and tidying for themselves.   

All the books which are not phonics based have been removed from the library.  This has been done to ensure a cohesive approach between school and home.

Year 2

In September, Year 2 children continue reading within the phonics phase of book they were using at the end of year 1.  In Term 1, all children take online Star Reading assessments.    These assessments are based on understanding of text rather than the ability to read the words.

Following this assessment,  SOME children are issued with a ZPD in term 1.  This means they are ready to move onto the Accelerated Reader scheme used for the rest of their time at Battle and Langton.  Children select a book within their ZPD range (e.g. 0.8-1.8) and take a computerised quiz on this book when finished.  Star Reading assessments occur at 5 points through the school year and, by the end of Year 2, all children have moved from phonics based books to ZPD books. 

There is a good range of ZPD books for children to access in the Key Stage 1 library, including picture books and chapter books.   In Key Stage 1, we have a range that goes up to 5.0.